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We understand that healthy vagina is very important not only for female but also her partner and family. Loose vagina, excessive vaginal discharge and vaginal odor are very common problems among women.  We are pleased to introduce the Virgin Stick which is the traditional herbal cure to all the problems above.

Virgin stick is made by the traditional family recipe using herbs found only in Indonesia. Virgin Stick has been around for ages and it is very popular especially among people in South East Asia. But with the advance of ecommerce and internet business, Virgin Stick has been introduced worldwide and has gained its reputation as one of the best vagina rejuvenation and sex enhancement products. Most important, the Virgin Stick is made of Green Herbal Ingredients.

Why is it named Virgin Stick? Because it helps to re-energise the vaginal muscle, tighten the vagina and rejuvenate the vagina into its original condition – virgin. On top of that, it helps to cure vaginal odor and excessive vaginal discharge. This home made virgin stick is no more the love of women only, but also men who cannot wait to enhance their sexual experience with their female partners. You will be surprised by the amazing result. Check out our Guarantee to you.

We strive to keep our customers happy with our products and services all the time because we are looking for long term business relationship with all our customers.

If you wish to contact us for any questions or bulk purchase (50 and above), kindly email us at info@vaginal-health.com.

Thank you.

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This is a real magic stick! I finally have a tight vagina after so many years of suffering. Glad to come across this herbal stick.

Erika, Singapore

My husband is the happiest person I guess after I got rid of my vaginal odor using Virgin Stick. It also helps to tighten my vagina after giving birth to my only son. Thanks for the great product.”

Jasmine, US