About Vaginal Discharge

About Vaginal Discharge

Yet another squick-worthy topic perhaps, but this article is very important. Vaginal discharge is a normal part of a women’s biology. Vaginal discharge serves a few purposes, all of them very healthy and very important. It’s also a good indicator of your health and though some people surely wish it would go away, you’re far better off with it than without! There are some things you should know about your vaginal discharge so that you can know whether yours is normal or an indication of a health problem.


The color of vaginal discharge does vary throughout your cycle. For the most part it will be clear or white except for a couple of days after your period when it may be brownish (it’s cleaning out old blood). If it is green or yellow, you may have an infection which you should see your doctor about.


Vaginal discharge can vary in consistency. It can be thin (particularly after exercising), thick (the beginning and end of your cycle) or stretchy (when you’re ovulating). If it has a cottage cheese texture or is lumpy, you may have an infection or another problem which should be looked at.


Vaginal discharge will usually have a mild sort of odor and it will vary from woman to woman. It may be hardly any odor at all or you could have a vaguely musky odor. Surprisingly, although many women are embarrassed by it, many men (and women attracted to women) find it a turn-on and don’t mind it in the least, so long as it’s a healthy odor. If you smell fishy on the other hand, you may have an infection of some sort. Some women have a stronger odor than others and can still be healthy.

How Much is Too Much?

The average sort of women loses about one teaspoon of discharge a day. However, there are times when the flow will be heavier such as when you are ovulating (at least it will seem heavier because it’s a lot thinner) or with mitigating factors such as medications, pregnancy, arousal and other things related to your environment. Some women just naturally discharge more than others. If you find yourself with too much discharge and it’s uncomfortable, using things like panty liners, baby powder and herbal soap like Virgin Stick can help to dry you out a little. Obviously you don’t want to be completely dry all of the time (this makes sex very uncomfortable), but if you feel like you should be swimming in it, you should probably get some help!

Vaginal discharge is not a pleasant subject to think about for any woman, but it serves very important functions. It is used to clean out your vagina of bacteria and dirt and it lubricates for sex so that it’s fun, not uncomfortable. Discharge is also used to help keep the flora healthy so that it can do its job. So while you may not like it, the alternative is infection, bacteria invasion and uncomfortable sex! Given the choice, it’s better to have vaginal discharge and know more about it so that you can track your own health and ensure that everything is working properly. Stay healthy!

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