How Your Lifestyle Impacts Vaginal Health

How Your Lifestyle Impacts Vaginal Health

Dealing with things such as vaginal discharge and vaginal odor are not done after the fact, but should also be tackled using preventative measures.  Preventing odor and abnormal discharge are much easier than having to fix things like yeast infections afterwards, so you should consider your lifestyle and how it impacts your vaginal health.


Clothing will impact the state of your vagina, and not in the self confidence way!  Wearing tight clothing all of the time causes you to sweat more which promotes the growth of bacteria and increases the chance of contracting infections.  This in turn leads to vaginal odor and excess, off color discharge.  It’s also just very uncomfortable!  Instead of wearing tight clothing all of time, wear looser form fitting clothing or more skirts; this way, you still look sexy, but your undercarriage can breathe.  Fabrics you should stick to are one hundred percent cotton because it’s light, warm and breathable.


Vaginal hygiene is incredibly important, but you don’t have to do much for it.  A healthy vagina will clean itself, using the healthy bacteria in it.  The only steps for hygiene you should take include urinating after sex (to clean out the bacteria) and using very gentle soap such as Virgin Stick for only a minute or so a day.  No scrubbing, no excessive washing, and try to avoid douching.  Remember that the body is quite capable of keeping itself clean and by overdoing it, all you do is upset your body’s natural functions which leave room for the bad bacteria to come in.


Of course sex has an impact on your vaginal health!  Practicing clean sex is the best way to handle your vaginal health-use condoms that are made for sensitive skin (or test run a few until you find one that works anyway), make sure that any other toys or body parts (Fingers for example), are clean and urinate after sex to get rid of all of the bacteria.  Furthermore, although anal sex is fun for many people, going straight from anal to vaginal can lead to infections, so take the time to clean up a bit or change condoms.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to stay clean, but it’s worth it in the long run.


Diet by itself has little impact on vaginal health, but it is still something to keep in mind.  Stay hydrated, eat less junk food and eat more vegetables and you may find yourself contending with the fish odor less often.  It will also give you more energy, more muscle tone (even in your genital area!) and you’ll feel sexier.

Lifestyle has an impact on every facet of your body, including your vaginal health.  If you want to stave off the chances of contracting yeast infections and excess vaginal discharge, then you should be sure to wear nicer clothing, only use very gentle soaps and cleansers such as Virgin Stick for a minute or two a day and keep the sex clean.  You’ll enjoy your body a lot more when it’s not itching and stinking!

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