Medical Reasons for Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor is a common complain for many women and there are many causes for it.  The causes can be roughly broken down into two lists: medical and non-medical reasons for vaginal odor.  Medical reasons are usually pretty serious; they are related to the growth of bacteria which can cause inflammation and infections and even make a woman infertile.  What are the medical reasons for Vaginal Odor?

Chlamydia: Chlamydia is a minor sexually transmitted disease, brought about bacteria transmitted to the woman’s vaginal area (or male’s genital area).  Chlamydia causes a frothy vaginal discharge and can cause foul odor, though other times it causes no outward symptoms at all.  Chlamydia requires doctor’s aid to clear up and usually a week’s worth of antibiotics does the trick.

Gonorrhea: Gonorrhea is another sexually transmitted disease which causes a foul odor and pus like discharge.  It’s very important to manage gonorrhea because it can be transmitted to your partner as well, even when there are no outward symptoms.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is a disease caused by bacteria traveling up into the pelvic region and causing inflammation.  It’s often linked to things like yeast infections and other minor problems that are left to fester.  PID is sometimes characterized by a foul vaginal odor and other times has no symptoms at all until it gets really bad.  It’s problematic because it can cause damage to the pelvic region and even cause infertility.

All of these medical causes for vaginal odor have to be treated by a doctor.  You will likely be put on antibiotics and told to abstain from sexual contact for a period of time.  Products like the herbal soap Virgin Stick can help to get rid of the odor without interfering with your antibiotics, so it makes a good bridge product between finding the problem and solving it.  If you are suffering from vaginal odor and you think it might have a serious origin, make sure to talk to your doctor and get it fixed or you could end up seriously damaging your health.

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