The Importance of Vaginal Flora For Your Vaginal Health

The Importance of Vaginal Flora for Your Vaginal Health

The vagina is a clean place and not because you wash it!  In fact, washing a vagina is the very opposite of what you need to do aside from the occasional gentle wash with gentle soap or herbal soaps.  Excessive washing and douching is more damaging than helpful to the ecosystem that lives within your reproductive organs and this damage can lead to vaginal odor, excessive vaginal discharge, yeast infections, and discomfort in sex or even urinating.  The reason why your vagina can keep itself largely clean is because of vaginal flora-more specifically, lactobacilli.  These little microbes are responsible for keeping your vagina clean and for maintaining the pH balance that keeps it healthy.  If they are knocked off kilter, your vagina will go with it.

Lactobacilli are responsible for keeping the vaginal area clean and also for maintaining the important pH balance.  Acidity in the vagina must be kept to normal levels in order to keep bacteria out and allow for normal functioning.  However, poor diet, tight clothing and excessive washing with scented soaps and douching can knock the pH balance out and will destroy lactobacilli.

Many women don’t even know about these little microbes and so as soon as there is a whiff of vaginal odor or excessive vaginal discharge, they immediately set to washing themselves out daily and end up doing more damage than good.  It’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your body so you can take care of yourself and cut down on the risk of infections, smell and discharge.

So what can you do to take care of lactobacilli?  Proper lifestyle and one or two herbal products will do it.  Eating less sugary junk will help to prevent yeast from growing in your vagina and drinking plenty of water will help to urinate more often which will sweep out bad microbes before they can take root.  And on that note, it is important to urinate after sex so that any left over bacteria is taken out.  Wear looser pants and cotton underwear to allow everything to breathe properly and even sleep without any underwear at all.  Avoid douching and excess washing; instead, use an herbal soap such as Virgin stick for short periods of time to deodorize your vagina naturally and help the microbes do their job.  And don’t use things like whip cream in sex play and always have clean toys.  Finally, don’t go from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning or changing the condom; the germs from the anus will impact the vagina.

Taking care of your vagina and the microbes within is just as important as the rest of your body and really requires less work!  If you want to prevent yeast infections and vaginal odor, then it’s important to consider how healthy your vagina really is and switch over to using gentle herbal soaps like Virgin Stick over douching and scented soaps.  You’ll really feel the difference.

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