Vaginal Discharge After Menopause

Vaginal Discharge After Menopause

And you thought you could escape it!

Menopause is a period in a woman’s life when her eggs are all but gone and her reproductive system ceases to function. It is marked by the absence of a period and hormonal changes which can cause minor to major changes such as hot flashes and mood swings.  Many women struggle with menopause; not only is it uncomfortable, but it also marks the end of the fertile years and makes many women feel less feminine.  However, there is one thing which won’t change much as you hit menopause-vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is a necessary part of your body, not just for its role in sexual contact, but also for hygiene.  Healthy vaginal discharge sweeps the bacteria and dirt from your body, preventing infections and worse problems.  However, not all vaginal discharge is created equal and many women struggle with the problem of having too much or too little and this problem isn’t solved with menopause.  Menopausal women will notice that they still have vaginal discharge; sometimes they have too much, sometimes too little and hopefully the right amount!  But if you’re here, chances are that you are in the too much or too little category and want something to help manage it in a way that won’t interfere with the rest of your life.  After all, menopause is uncomfortable enough without adding vaginal discharge issues to the list.

A safe way to handle vaginal discharge during and after menopause is Virgin Stick.  Virgin Stick is an herbal soap with ingredients that can destroy vaginal odour, control discharge and even tighten a loose vagina, making you feel younger and sexier.  After all, these are your golden years; why shouldn’t you enjoy them?   It’ll be hard to do that if you are embarrassed about odour, discharge and whether you’re too loose to enjoy sex.  Virgin Stick is entirely safe to use and is made in closely supervised conditions so you can get a superior product.  It lasts up to three months and it easy to use.

Menopause can be an uncomfortable time in a woman’s life.  It certainly signifies change and a transition into the next phase of your life.  But not all of your sexual functions need to go out the window!  Virgin Stick can help you to balance out your vaginal discharge, get rid of odour and tighten your vagina so that you feel younger and sexier between and outside of the sheets.  Enjoy your golden years and pregnancy free sexual encounters; Virgin Stick can help.

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This is a real magic stick! I finally have a tight vagina after so many years of suffering. Glad to come across this herbal stick.

Erika, Singapore

My husband is the happiest person I guess after I got rid of my vaginal odor using Virgin Stick. It also helps to tighten my vagina after giving birth to my only son. Thanks for the great product.”

Jasmine, US