Vaginal Dryness and Emotional Distress

Vaginal Dryness and Emotional Distress

While many people point to physical problems for causing vaginal dryness, psychological issues can also play a role. Stress and depression have both been linked to vaginal dryness in many women, as well as to other sexual dysfunctions like low libido and difficulty achieving an orgasm. So how can stress (and other emotional issues) interfere with your vaginal health?

Stress and Vaginal Dryness

Chronic and long term stress has been linked to a variety of health problems including weight gain, lowered immune system and problems sleeping. It has also been linked to vaginal dryness. The reason for this is likely twofold; stress plays merry havoc with a woman’s hormones and chemical balances in her body and that causes problems in the vaginal area. This side can be managed using Virgin Stick to help restore blood flow and oestrogen flow to your body.

The other reason for this is because being constantly stressed out is exhausting and an exhausted woman has a much harder time becoming aroused. It is simply hard to think about sex and being sexy when you are constantly thinking and worrying about other aspects of your life. In this case, things like relaxation techniques and talking it out with someone you trust can be very helpful.

Depression and Vaginal Dryness

Another emotional culprit for vaginal dryness is depression. Depression has a two fold impact on your sex life; feeling depressed makes it very hard to feel aroused and it impacts your physical wellbeing by making it harder for your body to lubricate the vaginal area, as well as making you feel achy and tired all the time. Depression hooks into vaginal dryness because it impacts the relationship and when a woman is not feeling connected in a relationship, she is less likely to produce enough lubrication and she is less likely to have an orgasm. In this case, the depression and lack of sex feeds into each other, making it slightly harder each time to get back into the mood without outside help.

Psychological Trauma and Vaginal Dryness

Finally, vaginal dryness can be linked to psychological trauma such as rape, worry about an unborn baby, recent abortion and miscarriage. In this case, a woman may feel that sex is only painful and so will not want to engage in it and her body will react as well. Even if this feeling is subconscious, it may still emerge as sexual dysfunction such as vaginal dryness. It’s important to get counselling as you need it so that you can move past any psychological trauma.

In this case, a combination of Virgin Stick to help you cure vaginal dryness in the short term and something like counselling can help you in the long Term. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to do something as soon as you can so that your relationship doesn’t suffer and so you can enjoy your sex life again.

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