When is Vaginal Discharge Too Much?

When is Vaginal Discharge Too Much?

Vaginal discharge is a normal part of a woman’s body.  In fact, it is an important part of a woman’s functions because it helps the vagina to stay clean and also makes sex easier by allowing for easier penetration.  However, there is such a thing as too much and with vaginal discharge, the too much line can be crossed by many women.

Too much vaginal discharge causes a number of problems for women.  It is very uncomfortable to have damp underwear all day and causes many women to run for changes or to wear thin panty liners in order to stay comfortable.  Vaginal discharge also has a faint odor and this smell will build up if left for too long so that even healthy vagina smell off.  Too much vaginal discharge can also cause problems such as yeast infections; the bacteria that is being carried out is still too close to the genital area and with enough build up, it will just end up growing on you anyway!

In terms of sexual intercourse, some vaginal discharge is a good thing since it provides natural lubrication and makes a tight vagina easier to access.  However, too much discharge is plain uncomfortable.  It makes it difficult to feel any sensation for both partners and some men are put off by an overly wet vagina.  Oral sex might be next to impossible and vaginal sex is less comfortable, as well as being more messy.

If you are suffering from an uncomfortable amount of vaginal discharge, there are some things you can do about it.  Virgin stick is an herbal soap that is inserted into the vagina for up to two minutes.  It can tighten a loose vagina and helps to decrease your production of vaginal discharge back to more manageable levels!  It can also get rid of vaginal odor or smelly vagina and it is easy to use and affordable.

Vaginal discharge should be a sign of your health and making it easier to have sex, not something that makes you uncomfortable and can even trash your health.  Virgin Stick can help you bring your vaginal discharge levels back to something more manageable and even get rid of things like vaginal odor and loose vagina.  If you’re interested in helping yourself out of a mess, then consider the use of Virgin Stick for vaginal discharge, vaginal odor and to give you a tight vagina.

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This is a real magic stick! I finally have a tight vagina after so many years of suffering. Glad to come across this herbal stick.

Erika, Singapore

My husband is the happiest person I guess after I got rid of my vaginal odor using Virgin Stick. It also helps to tighten my vagina after giving birth to my only son. Thanks for the great product.”

Jasmine, US