Why Douching is Not Recommended to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Why Douching is Not Recommended to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Douching is a traditional method to get rid of offensive vaginal odor, particularly the infamous ‘fishy’ smell.  It is a process by which water and sometimes a cleaning agent is forced into the vagina to clean it out.  While some women swear by it as a way to feel clean and get rid of all manner of things, including sperm to prevent pregnancy and STDs, the reality is that douching is far more dangerous than useful when it comes to vaginal health.  If you want to get rid of vaginal odor, your best bet is to use warm water and a very mild soap such as Virgin Stick.  What are the dangers of douching to get rid of vaginal odor?

Douching Cleans EVERYTHING

When you douche, you cannot pick and choose what is affected and what isn’t!  Douching sweeps away everything, from the bad bacteria to the good flora which would protect your vagina from damage.  This in turn disrupts the body’s ability to naturally clean itself which leaves you open to more infections and yes, more vaginal odor!

Douching Wrecks the pH Balance

The pH balance of the vagina is an extremely sensitive and very important thing.  pH balance refers to the balance of acids and bases in something, in this case, the vagina.  A healthy pH balance should run between 3.8 and 4.5.  Vaginal douching wipes out this balance making it less or more than the normal range.  This means that your vagina is more prone to infections and bacteria, not less!  It’s kind of the opposite of what you want when you clean something, isn’t it?

Douching Introduces Dangerous Bacteria

Women who douche regularly have higher instances of yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and more serious problems, even STDs.  This is because the ingredients in most douches actually insert problematic bacteria into the body as part of the cleansing process.  This bacteria can travel up the vagina and as far as the fallopian tubes, causing damage every step of the way.  It’s ironic that something which is meant to clean you out will actually make you dirtier!

So what are the best alternatives to douching?  Well the number one best one is to simply let your vagina do what it does best: keep itself clean!  When a vagina is left to its own devices, it’s far better able to clean itself out than any man-made product.  If you want to help it along, using warm water and a very mild soap such as Virgin Stick is a safe and effective way to eliminate vaginal odor and still feel and more importantly be clean!

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