Why Using a Soap for Vaginal Health is Best

Why Using a Soap for Vaginal Health is Best

There are a lot of products on the market, especially the online market, which promises vaginal health through their use.  There are such a myriad in fact that it can get a bit dizzying.  However, what they all have in common is that they tend to be creams or pills and they are likely not comfortable for a virgin vaginal cleaner to use.  More women than you may think are squeamish about the idea of cleansing with a cream or with a pill and look for something convenient, gentle, and that doesn’t require sticking fingers anywhere or downing pills!  This is where a gentle herbal soap like Virgin Stick comes in.

Virgin Stick is superior to many of the creams and pills for a few reasons.  First of all, this certified safe and organic product uses only gentle herbs to get rid of vaginal odor and excess, discolored vaginal discharge.  The soap helps to get rid of the bad bacteria in your vagina and lets your body restore its levels of good bacteria so it can get back to cleaning itself.  It also gets rid of smelly vaginal discharge and leaves behind a clean and very mild scent.

Secondly, using the Virgin Stick is a lot easier on virgin cleansers than using creams.  This erotically shaped soap is inserted into your vagina for a minute or two, but it’s no different than putting in a tampon and you only have to leave it in for a bit and then remove it, clean it off and put it somewhere dry and safe.  There is far less chance of irritation and allergic reactions and you don’t have to rub anything in or swallow pills that could have other side effects.

Finally, Virgin Stick is one of the few herbal products you can purchase online which is both one hundred percent natural and made under the close supervision of the Health Board in Indonesia meaning that you are getting the best of both worlds: a product that is completely natural and one that is certified safe to use on humans by the government.  This should put your mind at ease and let you enjoy using this product without the overhanging fear that you could be using something that may be harmful to your health.

But Virgin Stick doesn’t only fight off vaginal odor and help decrease vaginal discharge, it also helps to tighten your vagina by increasing your body’s production of hormones and helping your vaginal muscles tone up and strengthen.  This is best done in conjunction with kegel exercises, but this combination is much cheaper and safer than things such as vaginoplasty vaginal surgery or other labia surgeries.

All in all, if you want to get rid of vaginal odor, vaginal discharge and even tighten your vagina, you should opt for the gentle, herbal effects of Virgin Stick over the typical creams and surgeries.  There are far too many benefits to it, and it’s very affordable, not to at least give it a try.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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This is a real magic stick! I finally have a tight vagina after so many years of suffering. Glad to come across this herbal stick.

Erika, Singapore

My husband is the happiest person I guess after I got rid of my vaginal odor using Virgin Stick. It also helps to tighten my vagina after giving birth to my only son. Thanks for the great product.”

Jasmine, US